CAT CARE-Cleaning Up Cat Messes


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Messes are common when your cat is first learning to use the litter box.  If you donít get these messes cleaned up as soon as possible, you may be stalked by lingering odors.


Cat urine is very smelly and it will only get worse the longer that it sits.  This is due to bacteria feeding on the organic waste that is in the urine.  Those wastes are then converted into gases.  The longer the urine sits, the more it will soak through your carpet, pad and even the wood beneath your carpet.  This makes it nearly impossible to remove.

Begin cleaning by blotting the urine first.  Use an old towel to soak up as much as possible.  Follow up with paper towels to remove as much urine as possible and no moisture can be seen.  The area should be diluted next by spraying it heavily with water and mild white vinegar.  Blot after spraying.  Continue this process until the area is clean.


In some cases you may need to neutralize the odor.  This is necessary if the cleaned spot has dried, but the odor is still there.  There are several chemical odor removers such as Febreeze and OdorEater that will neutralize the smell.


If you have old stains, you will want to neutralize the odors as well.  Carpets and padding will often need to be replaced if the odor and urine has sunk all the way through to the underlying floor.  If the scent of urine lingers in a room, but you canít find the spot you can use a black light in the room to illuminate it. 


If your cat is urinating outside of its litter box and the cat has been using the litter box regularly, take the cat to the vet to see if the cat has a urinary infection.


Cat spray is perhaps the worst smell in the world.  It can definitely take your breath away so be prepared when cleaning these messes.  A cat that sprays can be a real nuisance.  The best way to clean cat spray is to catch it as quickly as you can.  It is also best to stop the spray behavior so you donít have to deal with these messes.  Many cats will stop spraying if you neuter them.  This doesnít always work though.  You can also prevent the spray through a pheromone based training product.  This product mimics the pheromones that are natural to cats and the cat loses its impulse to mark its territory.


Cats are also notorious for vomiting, whether it is a hairball or just food.  Cat vomit can be very difficult to remove, especially if the cat is eating a food that has red dye in it.  In this instance, you will probably have to call a steam cleaning company to clean your carpets.  For vomiting, and diarrhea as well, you will need paper towels and a small stiff-bristled brush.  You will also need a water and detergent mixture and an odor neutralizer.  The area will need to be blotted, diluted, blotted, diluted and blotted until it is sufficiently clean.  You will then need to use your neutralizing product.