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If your cat is allowed outside, chances are its going to bring fleas into your home.  Most indoor cats will not have this problem. 


Your first course of action should be to treat your yard.  Bring in all pets and spray the yard with an insecticide to kill fleas, flea larvae and ticks.  Next, you will need to treat your carpet and your furniture.  Fleas will burrow into carpet as well as your seat cushions, slipcovers and bedding. 


Begin by vacuuming your carpet and your furniture.  Be sure to get all cracks, crevices and corners of the room.  You will also want to use a powder, spray or fogger in your home as well.  Powders are used on carpet and you simply shake and vacuum them back up.  They can penetrate down into the matting to kill the fleas.


Sprays are short-term flea control.  They kill adult fleas, but not the eggs.  Foggers can be difficult to use because you have to leave your home for several hours and keep your pets out as well.  You also have to be sure that they dont get on food or appliances used to cook and prepare food.


After your home flea free, you will want to prevent any further infestations.  Preventing is a lot easier than getting rid of fleas and you can begin by using these products:


  Flea Baths & Dips: Flea baths use a medicated shampoo that is used to treat fleas.  These are good for short-term, but they wear off quickly.  Flea dips are more effective and last for several weeks.  Flea dips should be a last resort as they often contain heavy chemicals. 

  Flea Powder and Spray Treatments: Flea powders and sprays are also a short-term defense.  These treatments only affect adult fleas.

  Flea Collars: Flea collars are also popular.  These exude a gas that fleas do not like and is absorbed into the skin of the animal.  They tend to only work in the vicinity of the neck.  

  Flea Medications: These are a pill that keeps eggs from hatching and reproducing on the cat.  These do not kill adult fleas, but stop the reproduction process.

  Absorbable Medications: This is a spot medication that is applied between the shoulder blades of the cat.  They spread across their skin and kills fleas for about a month.  They also halt the reproduction process.

  Flea Combs: This is a good method to use on kittens and you dont want to give her any unnecessary treatments.  This is a fine comb that you use to pull the fleas off of the hair and then you have to kill the fleas by dousing them in soapy water.