Moving International



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Life can take many unexpected and completely unwanted turns.  One of the most life-altering events can be moving internationally.  It is a big enough step to move out of state or just down the street, but going somewhere that is completely foreign to you in every way is a daunting task.


Making an international move is beyond the normal moving concerns of packing and driving.  What does the culture have in store for you?  What are the hard and fast laws of this new country?  Hereís a few things for you to consider before you move internationally.

        Contact movers immediately upon your notification of an international move.  Movers need time to prepare just like you do.

        Meet with the movers personally, donít leave anything to chance.  Moving internationally is a big enough stress, donít compound the problem with miscommunication.

        Donít focus on the lowest price, see what different movers offer. 

        Obtain all visas or other identification you will need for your international move. 

        Talk to friends or family who have made a similar move or attend a class on the process.


Another idea to consider is contacting local consumer affairs offices to see what they can tell you about your international moving experience.  The same laws that apply in the United States may not apply in another country, but there may be international moving laws you are unaware of.


The most important thing to remember about moving internationally is that you need to research the best way possible to take personal items with you, not the mover.  If you have kids it is important to take personal belongings to make the international move easier.