Your Catís Diet


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Kittens will need a kitten food to ensure that they are receiving all of the nutrients they need to grow.  When it comes to feeding your cat there are many options.  Thereís dry and thereís canned.  Thereís kitten and cat.  In general cats need only four main nutrients.  They require a meat based protein, taurine, water and various vitamins and minerals.  Kitten food includes all of these just more to give the kitty the necessary energy to grow and be healthy and this is the main difference between cat and kitten food.


For the first five weeks, the kitten will be nursing from its mother.  At week five the kittens can start to be weaned.  They may continue to nurse until they are eight to ten weeks old.  Pet owners should feed the mother a kitten food to ensure that she is receiving all the necessary nutrients that she needs for herself and her kittens.  All animals have a higher nutrient requirement when they are pregnant.  At week five, the kitten can begin to eat canned kitten food with its mother.  The first ingredient on the package should be either chicken, beef or lamb.


Kittens will need kitten food for their first year.  At six weeks of age, the kittens should be receiving four small meals per day.  At twelve weeks, they can have more food divided into three meals.  At one, the kittens may be switched to adult food and fed twice daily.  Cats are capable of knowing when they are full, so you can leave a bowl out of dry food throughout the day.